China: Wirsol to develop projects with Suntech


The announcement was made at the opening ceremony for Wirsol Solar Technology, Beijing, by Suntech’s CEO, Zhengrong Shi and Wirsol’s managing director, Stefan Riel. The state guaranteed feed-in tariff of €0.12 per kilowatt-hour makes it interesting for large solar park developers as Wirsol Solar states in its press release.

"Wirsol is not just a pioneer among project developers, but also a close partner of Suntech. The Chinese market is growing faster than previously expected and through this a host of opportunities for European companies is opening up, especially in the fields of planning, engineering and operations where German companies lead the way. We strongly support open markets everywhere under the sun. Facilitating involvement by European companies here will also help China to efficiently reach its targets for renewable energy deployment," said Shi.

"China will increasingly rely on photovoltaics in the coming years," added Li Junfeng, general director of the National Centre of Climate Change Strategy Research (NCCS) and president of the Chinese Renewable Industries Association (CREIA). Li also emphasised that global cooperation would be the key for the further development of the solar industry.