Standards development for smart grid


"The new standards approved by the IEEE-SA Standards Board are the byproduct of intensifying smart-grid deployment around the world," said Judith Gorman, managing director, IEEE-SA. "New lessons have been learned, and best practices and insights on challenges are surfacing as smart-grid rollout continues to gain steam globally. The IEEE-SA has been a worldwide leader in smart-grid standards development even prior to the movement’s inception, and these standards and projects underscore our ongoing commitment to accelerating realization of the smart grid’s far-ranging and futuristic promise for power users, utilities and manufacturers alike."

The smart grid standards are:

  • IEEEC37.118.1- Standard for Synchrophasor Measurements for Power Systems
  • IEEE C37.118.2 -2011 – Standard for Synchrophasor Data Transfer for Power Systems
  • IEEE C37.238-2011 – Standard Profile for Use of IEEE Std. 1588 Precision Time Protocol in Power System Applications
  • IEEE C37.232-2011 – Standard for Common Format for Naming Time Sequence Data Files (COMNAME)
  • IEEE 1020-2011 – Guide for Control of Small (100 kVA to 5 MVA) Hydroelectric Power Plants

IEEE-SA has also modified the scope and purpose of an existing standards-development project related to the smart grid. The IEEE P1409 – Draft Guide for the Application of Power Electronics for Power Quality Improvement on Distribution Systems Rated 1kV through 38kV – is being developed to also introduce and define the emerging technology of custom power and gives guidelines and performance expectations for its application in improving power quality and control.

All standards can be purchased at the IEEE Standards Store.