Pakistan: 50 MW PV project unveiled


The plant will be built in in Bahawalpur, in the Cholistan region. Owned by DPGCL and the Pakistani Government, Conergy has been brought on board to both supply the necessary photovoltaic modules, and provide planning, engineering and design services. Ensunt, meanwhile, will be responsible for local implementation and construction work.

Construction is expected to begin either at the end of the third or beginning of the fourth quarter of 2012. A total of 210,000 modules will be installed, in addition to 210 kilometers of SolarLinea mounting systems and over 140 Conergy central inverters. Enough energy is expected to be generated to meet the needs of 30,500 households.

A spokesperson for Conergy told pv magazine that between US$170 million to $190 million (between €137 million and €153 million) will be invested by DPGCL in the project, of which Conergy expects to receive between €60 million and €70 million.

According to a statement released, "The main aim of this project is to facilitate access to a supply of power for the Pakistani population and to make the country less vulnerable to power outages at the same time."

Doug Melvin, president of DPGCL, added, "Currently, the region is heavily dependent on hydroelectric plants as an energy source. The results are high fluctuations in the energy supply, power outages or shortages. In response to requests from the President, the Prime Minister and his cabinet are working to prevent the shortage of energy, while providing a clean renewable energy source, sustainable economic development, and job creation in Pakistan."