Calyxo ramps up thin film capacity in Germany


Located in Bitterfeld/Wolfen-Thalheim, the company, which formerly belonged to Q.Cells before being taken over by Solar Fields last February, has said it will increase production from 25 megawatts peak (MWp) to 80 MWp by the end of this year via a second production line.

In a statement released, the company said, "CdTe technology has an enormous potential to reduce the costs of solar power generation. Thin-film solar cells are economic to manufacture and can convert solar energy to electricity under the most unfavourable weather conditions. The modules still operate efficiently on roofs that are not directly aligned to the south."

The news comes at the same time that the world’s biggest thin film module manufacturer, First Solar, which also uses CdTe technology, will close its German manufacturing operations. Just today, the U.S. company announced that it will close its manufacturing doors in Frankfurt (Oder) at the end of this year, as opposed to the end of October.