Trina and E3/DC announce storage collaboration


In a statement released, Trina said the partnership provides it with access to storage technologies, while E3/DC will benefit from Trina’s global market reach. Both companies have invested into the collaboration, although precise figures have not been released. E3/DC produces storage solutions which combine inverters with integrated battery power to enable self-consumption.

A Trina spokesperson has confirmed with pv magazine that the company hopes for the first market-ready products resultant from the collaboration to be released by mid 2013. The spokesperson ellaborated that Europe and Asia will be the key markets for the technology.

The companies say they aim to develop storage solutions for homes and small businesses. Ben Hill, Head of Trina Solar Europe commented, "Storage is a key technology going forward. It helps to balance solar energy generation with consumption. Customers thus become independent from rising energy costs. We see increasing interest in storage solutions and wish to be at the forefront of this development."

Andreas Piepenbrink, managing partner of E3/DC, added, "Trina Solar’s sales and marketing offices throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe and Americas allow us to reach out to a multiple of markets and a broad scope of customers. This is a highly important and promising collaboration for us."

According to many leading experts, self-consumption is one of the key issues facing the solar industry today. In recognition of the importance of the topic, pv magazine has created a special Storage & grid integration section, which contains a wealth of information on the subject.