Germany: Milder PV cuts to be announced soon


Germany’s Environment Minister, Peter Altmaier from the Christian Democrat Union (CDU) is said to have met with opposition and state politicians last night, reports the Financial Times Deutschland (FTD). At the meeting, a compromise was said to have been reached on the country’s renewable energy law (EEG).

On a positive note, it is believed the feed-in tariff cuts will be much milder than previously planned by the federal government. It further seems certain that a separate class for photovoltaic systems between 10 and 40 kW in size will be introduced. Additionally, the growth corridor, which currently targets an annual growth rate of 2.5 to 3.5 GW, will be maintained and not lowered.

The FTD was said to have quoted its information from a presentation by the Ministry of the Environment, which is expected to be discussed at the mediation committee’s meeting tomorrow between federal and state governments.

Altmaier has proposed a phase out of photovoltaic subsidies, when Germany’s 52 GW installed capacity target is achieved. Officially, it is thought that this goal will be reached by 2020, however, given the current cumulative capacity, it is expected to be met much earlier. The FTD report further added that the negotiating parties have agreed to discuss a continuity plan well before 52 GW is installed.

In related news, the federal government is planning new incentives for the purchase of battery storage and more funds for storage research.

Translated by Becky Beetz.