Work underway on MPX and E.ON’s Brazilian PV plant


At the end of last June, it was announced that Brazil’s first commercial-scale photovoltaic plant had been completed and connected to the national grid. Plans were then unveiled in September, which laid out intentions to increase the project size to two MW.

At the time, MPX and GE said that the second phase of the Tauá solar plant had been authorized by the National Electrical Energy Agency (ANEEL) and licensed by the Ceara state Environment Department (SEMACE) to expand its capacity up to five MW. Eduardo Karrer, CEO of MPX added that the goal is to increase this amount to 50 MW in the future.

These goals were again highlighted in last Friday’s statement, and MPX said it held a public hearing at Tauá, Ceará, this month as part of environmental licensing process for the expansion.

In the second expansion phase, the two parties will install over 8,000 solar panels at the Tauá Solar Plant; operations are expected to begin in 2013. Lennart Fagerberg, co-managing director of the joint venture, added, "We will be ready to participate when the first solar energy auction in Brazil happens and the sector is optimistic for it to happen soon."