Scheuten will continue production in Germany


The "difficult" negotiations regarding the acquisition of Schetuen Solar’s German manufacturing operations have been finalized. A total of 40 jobs in Gelsenkirchen have been saved, said council chairman of Scheuten, Matthias Wilms. However, 160 jobs have been lost and 130 employees have been passed over to a transfer company for six months. Meanwhile, 16 took compulsory redundancy and "very few" fixed term contracts were not renewed.

Furthermore, manufacturing capacity has been significantly reduced. Whereas previously production ran over four shifts, just one now remains, said Wilms. Scheuten Solar manufactures its Integra Vitro glass modules in Gelsenkirchen.

The Scheuten Group filed for insolvency at the end of February. At this point, subsidiary, Scheuten Solar had a total of 230 employees on its books. Immediately following the news of insolvency, an investor search got underway.

Reportedly, the negotiations with the chosen investor, China-based Aiko, were difficult and at times looked like they would fail. "It went so far that even a staff meeting was arranged in which the employees were to be informed of the closure of the [Gelsenkirchen] plant. The saving [final] agreement came, with luck, 20 minutes before its start," continued Wilms.

Translated and edited by Becky Beezt.