IBC Solar passes the 2 GW mark


Amidt the rather downcast scenario in the German PV sector, IBC Solar celebrated its 30th anniversary as a successful survivor. The company sees its business model as the recipe for its success. "From the start, I wanted to build a network of local installers. There is always someone in your region as a contact when necessary enhancing the proximity to the customers and secondly, creating value addedness in every region," says founder Udo Möhrstedt.

The company entered into an agreement with Yingli Green Energy beginning of this year, under which Yingli was to deliver up to 200 MW of Panda modules for projects. The company also partnered up with Suntech Power Holdings beginning of July for the supply of 50 MW worth of modules. Board member Norbert Hahn had mentioned then that IBC Solar partners up with module manufacturers who invest in research and development continuously and that seems to have paid off for the company. IBC Solar also extended its product portfolio adding lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries to its power storage range.

The one GW mark was achieved by the company in mid-2010 according to Hahn and within two years they were able to double the amount. The two GWp of installed capacity can cater to approximately 475,000 average households with solar power.