3S Soluciones y Servicios Energéticos files for bankruptcy


Bankruptcy proceedings for the company, which provides turnkey solutions in solar installations, will be headed by Judge Silvia Oldrini Residenti, according to an announcement published in the Official Gazette of the Commercial Registry (BORME), the official publication of companies in Spain.

The fate of 3S Soluciones y Servicios Energéticos is inextricably linked to the recent downturn in Spain’s photovoltaic market and the government’s introduction of a moratorium on new green energy subsidies.

3S Soluciones y Servicios Energéticos is co-owned by the Navarre provincial government through its Navarra Development Society (Sodena) that controls a 24.8% stake in the company. The solar energy company successfully completed the installation of several photovoltaic plants, including 0.49 MW Sol de Antequera, 1.94 MW Helios and 0.12 MW Alcati, among others.