Sumitomo invests in 550 MW solar farm


The project east of Palm Springs is under construction. The Desert Sunlight project is said to be the largest photovoltaic facility approved for U.S. public land. The farm is expected to generate 550 MW via thin film technology to power more than 165,000 homes and provide more than 630 jobs at peak construction.

Desert Sunlight has obtained Power Purchase Agreements to supply Southern California Edison with 250 MW and Pacific Gas & Electric with 300 MW of PV power for the next two decades. First Solar will construct, operate and maintain the project. The facility is expected to be operational in 2015, according to the company. Desert Sunlight marked its one-year milestone in August this year.

GE Energy Financial Services and NextEra Energy Resources are co-investors in this project.

"The investment in Desert Sunlight is a good representation of what Sumitomo

is doing in regards to supporting a clean energy future," said Teruyuki

Miyazaki, Vice President, Power & Telecommunications Business, SCOA. "This,

along with our earlier investments in major renewable energy projects in the

U.S., allows us to leverage our experience and know-how as a long-term

strategic investor and work with strong partners on high-quality renewable

energy projects in the advanced stages of development or construction."