Details emerge on SoloPower’s plans


Last week SoloPower opened its fab in Portland, Oregon. pv magazine has been able to gather more details as to the company’s plans to achieve its goal, to ramp the fab to 400 MW. SoloPower produces flexible CIGS modules, suited for rooftop applications, particularly where there are load limitations.

Commenting on SoloPower’s ramp-up roadmap, the company reported that it expects to hit 5 MW of production in Q4 2012, "ramping quickly" to 75 MW and then to 100 MW, on its first line at the Portland fab. The company continued that 60 people are now employed at the fab, with the goal to reach 450, when all manufacturing lines are operating.

SoloPower declined to provide more details in terms of cost-per-Watt production, however it chose to emphasize that, with its flexible CIGS modules, it is not in direct competition with "heavy, traditional panels from China and elsewhere." Rather, the firm stated that it is aiming to provide solutions for customers with roofs, "not suitable for heavier traditional panels, significantly expanding the rooftop solar market."

In terms of application technology, SoloPower claimed that its, "proprietary, non-penetrating integrated installation systems," allows for modules to be installed on roofs, without requiring a reroof, further expanding the market. Furthermore, the company claims that the modules can be removed and reinstalled easily.

The company said that, at present, demand for its modules is outweighing its supply, however it would not reveal details as to individual clients or projects.

The new facility required an investment of US$60 million.