Our CSP power can compete with diesel, Germany company claims


The Cologne-based protarget AG has its first demonstration plant running in the southern German town of Bad Aibling and is aiming to export its CSP solar thermal plant technology to the Middle East and Mediterranean.

The company claims its modular plant construction techniques, inspired by the auto industry’s platform philosophy, mean its 1-20MW plants cost 30% less to construct per MW of installed capacity and can provide electricity generation costs of less than US0.15c/KWh, depending on the region.

"Power generation costs of 10 cents per kWh can soon become reality," said Dr. Ing. Eckhard Lüpfert of the Solar Research Institute at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), which provided a technology transfer with protarget to develop the standardized construction technology.

In addition to power generation, the solar thermal plants can also be used for cooling, air conditioning and industrial processes.

"Up to now, CSP plants with huge mirror fields have been large-scale projects requiring substantial financing as well as involving long planning and construction times," said Martin Scheuerer, managing director of protarget AG, "protarget can now supply turn-key CSP plants straight from the shelf."