Sunways to reduce headcount by 40%


The Konstanz-based group today announced that its management board is planning to reduce headcount across the business by 40%.

That figure would amount to 106 of the Sunways group’s staff in its Konstanz headquarters, Arnstadt cell production plant and branch offices in Barcelona and Bologna.

The announcement came as Sunways’ wholly-owned subsidiary Sunways Production GmbH – responsible for the cell production plant in Arnstadt – revealed plans to axe around half of the 120 staff at the facility.

Harald Scäfer, head of corporate communications and investor relations at Sunways, told pv magazine that headcount of 60 is included in the group’s overall plans to lose 106 employees.

The company cited an inability to produce cells in an economically viable manner and the release stated the management board had "decided to significantly reduce the production and development activities of Sunways Production GmbH until at least a breakeven situation can be achieved again".

Talks will start shortly with works councils in Konstanz and Arnstadt.