Spain: Deger to supply 1,161 trackers


While some may believe that the Spanish photovoltaic market is dead and buried, grid parity installations continue to take place. In the latest sign of the ongoing market, tracker manufacturer Deger has announced that it will supply 1,161 tracking systems to developer AE3000 in Spain.

Deger has already supplied some 3,100 tracker systems to AE300 between 2004 and 2008. However, in the face of FIT uncertainty and the global economic crisis, the Spanish photovoltaic market wilted and orders dried up.

Today’s announced that Deger has signed a new supply agreement for Spain indicates that things may be turning around. The tracker company also claims that it proves its trackers are "robust, reliable technology."

The order is for "Degertrackers" type 5000NT. Initially 108 were supplied, in Autumn 2012, and the first of the full order have already been shipped to Spain.

In a statement announcing the supply agreement, AE3000’s Jordi Pellicer said that the Deger tracking systems deliver high yields. "After these systems have been in operation in our parks for several years now, it is obvious: The technology works smoothly and is practically maintenance-free," said Pellicer.