Germany adds 211 MW of PV in February


The German Federal Network Agency has released its latest photovoltaic figures. In February, a total of 211.215 MW were installed across 8,375 systems, including 23 solar parks over one MW in size.

Photovoltaic feed-in tariffs declined in April to between €0.1101/kWh and €0.1592/kWh, depending on the system size. A year ago, FITs were reduced to €0.1350/kWh for solar farms and rooftop installations between 1 and 10 MW in size. Meanwhile, for smaller rooftop systems, tariffs were lowered to between €0.1650 to €0.1959/kWh.

Now, the Federal Network Agency must decide on the next round of photovoltaic tariffs, for the next 3 months, by the end of April. To calculate the new rates, the agency must multiply by 4 the capacity additions from the last 3 months.

If extrapolated annual capacity reaches between 2.5 to 3.5 GW, tariffs will be reduced by 1%. For every 1 GW extra, the degression increases by 0.4% up to a maximum of 2.8%. A tariff reduction is still possible, even if capacity falls below 2.5 GW.

In January, the network agency reported a new installed photovoltaic capacity of 274.67 MW across 9,300 systems. Thus, in the first 2 months of 2013, 485 MW have been added. For tariffs to fall by more than 1% during the next FIT round, at least 400 MW must have been added in March.

Translated by Becky Beetz.