Italy: PV generation decreased 14.6% in March


In comparison to February, which recorded an 11.2% increase in photovoltaic power generation, March saw generation annually declining by 14.6%. In contrast, both hydro-electric and wind power increased significantly, by 59.5% and 61.5%, respectively.

A spokesperson for Terna attributed the decline to bad weather. In Germany too, the number of sunshine hours this March (121.3 hours) were well below the 166.3 hours last year.

Overall, electricity demand in Italy in March dropped 2.5% compared to the previous year, to 27 billion kWh, according to the latest figures by Italian transmission grid operator, Terna. In the first three months of 2013, demand dropped 4%.

In related news, Italian Energy Agency, GSE’s latest figures show that photovoltaic funding has reached €6.610 billion, meaning the €6.7 billion solar funding limit has almost been reached. A total of 16.8 GW is said to be installed across 510,259 photovoltaic systems, to date. A further 530 MW, or 1,829 systems are in the register.

pv magazine will report more on the Italian photovoltaic market next week, specifically focusing on what the industry will do once solar subsidies have been withdrawn.