Manz receives €4.5 million Li-ion battery order


According to Manz AG, Saft has ordered systems to manufacture prismatic battery cells. Saft is seen as an early market entrant in the world of Li-ion battery systems.

The French battery company offers a range of energy storage solutions, from residential to megawatt-sized grid-embedded solutions. Over the past few years, it has forged a number of relationships in the solar storage sphere, with companies including Conergy, ABB, Siemens and Nedap; and with the U.S. military for electrified transport.

Commenting on Saft’s recent order, Dieter Manz, CEO and founder of Manz, said, "We are confident that we can expand this new customer relationship in the future, and win further orders."

He added that development in Manz’s battery division has been "broadly positive" this year. "We regard this as clear evidence that our extensive technological portfolio, our company’s strategically diversified orientation and our cross-sector technology transfer are successful and right," he stated.