Across system sizes


The Danfoss FLX series is the first 2nd generation three-phase transformerless string inverter. It is available from 6 to 17kW and includes 1,000VDC input and up to three independent MPP trackers, each with a range of 250-800V. The FLX series has a fully integrated monitoring and built-in ConnectSmart for real-time monitoring via the Danfoss Solar app. With new features for residential applications, Danfoss also introduces the DLX series. The ConnectSmart and grid management will be fully integrated in the DLX series of transformer based string inverters. For tough environments, Danfoss introduces the SLX series of utility-scale central inverters ranging from 1 to 1.5 MW. The SLX series works at ambient temperatures from -20°C to 50°C without de-rating according to the company. For decentralized systems, Danfoss has a completely new concept with the MLX series. This upcoming inverter range is neither a string inverter nor a central one as Danfoss states, but rather a completely new way of thinking about decentralized setups and system potential in large-scale systems.