Generating and using your own energy


With that in mind the company introduces its Schüco heat pump complete package which combines heat pump technology with photovoltaics. 20 MPE 245 PG 04 PV modules with an efficiency of up to 15.2% provide part of the power required for the air-to-water heat pump. This increases consumers’ consumption of self-generated PV electricity and decreases mains usage. Excess solar electricity can either meet the electricity requirements of other appliances in the household, thus reliably reducing mains use even further, or it can be exported to the public grid. The Schüco HTE 03 HP DW-7 heat pump contained in the package is suitable for old and new buildings. Schüco states that it runs extremely quietly and draws up to 70% of the energy required to heat the water of a four-person household from the ambient air. Other coordinated components are an SMA inverter and the Schüco MSE 210 mounting system. This mounting system and cabling make installation on all types of roof very quick, easy and highly secure.