Hybrid inverter


The flexible Fronius hybrid inverter is used when there is no immediate demand for self-generated solar power by storing the energy for use at a later time. Thanks to its modular design, the storage unit can be easily expanded – and the battery retrofitted – at any time. Additionally the Fronius Symo will be showcased. The Fronius Symo inverter will be available around the world from the 4th quarter of 2013, with the exception of the U.S. The compact three-phase inverter is a transformerless device that guarantees not only maximum yields but also an optimum symmetrical infeed in the 3.0 kW, 3.7 kW and 4.5 kW power categories. The Fronius Galvo for small self-consumption systems will also be on display at the exhibition. More products are also in store, such as the new Fronius IG Plus 55 V-1 and V-2 power categories as well as the Fronius IG TL inverter series. Fronius Agilo and the new Fronius Agilo Outdoor will be on display together with the corresponding Fronius String Controls and service packages. Of particular excitement this year, according to the company, are the developments surrounding the Fronius DATCOM. Fronius is placing a special emphasis on the new Fronius Datamanager as well as the Fronius Solar.Web 2, the Fronius Modbus Card and the Fronius Energy Management Relay.