Made with engineering plastic


The product named has been launched under the brand name Sunolution. The novelty in this product according to the companies is the fact that the substructure consists of very few individual parts: two identical pedestals made of plastic are joined together by a metal rail. A plastic bracket is mounted vertically on the rear pedestal by means of a snap-on connection and simple screw elements. This makes it lightweight. Load-bearing elements made of a BASF engineering plastic are utilized for the first time. The advantage of the new support elements made with this application-optimized thermoplastic is the fact that the roof membrane is not punctured or damaged during installation. The roof remains water-proof without the need for any additional sealing measures. The plastic Ultramid has a low tendency to creep, even at high temperatures up to 80°C, and exhibits toughness and stiffness all the way down to temperatures of ?30°C as the companies state. Moreover, this highly fiberglass-reinforced polyamide is UV-resistant and weather-resistant. Moreover, Ensinger was able to benefit from injection molding of thermoplastics, integrating numerous functions into the plastic structure. In a single manufacturing process, Ensinger has incorporated snap-on connections, ribs and cutouts for draining the water and laying the cables.


Photo: GOLDBECK Solar GmbH