With Wi-Fi and free online monitoring


Users can easily access their PV systems with the integrated Wi-Fi and the new and free IntelliWeb internet portal. The Soladin Web inverters come in 700W, 1,000W and 1,500W output sizes and are designed for small PV installations. The integrated HF transformer and the wide input voltage range allow the inverters to be used with all PV modules. The Soladin series has encompasses all eight features of the Mastervolt IntelliConcept. These include the intelligent startup procedure IntelliStart which extends the annual operating time by up to 200 hours. IntelliGrid reduces production losses in case of voltage dips in the grid and IntelliShade ensures high yields in temporary shading conditions as well. The performance of the smart IntelliTrack has been simulated and tested with results of 99.9% static MPPT efficiency and a 99.7% dynamic MPPT efficiency. Mastervolt also states that the silent IntelliCool system ensures stable high efficiency and constant high power. These features thus result in 5-10% extra yield compared with systems without the IntelliConcept.