Charging the future


The neeoQube can be coupled with PV, wind and hydro-powered systems and is scalable. This means it can be individually extended in the neeoRack and neeoSystem versions. The unit can achieve more than 3,000 cycles at 80% DOD and has up to 98% efficiency. It has a service life up to 20 years at 20 degrees Celsius and is intrinsically safe with the two-pole switch-off in case of faults. There is an integrated battery management system that monitors voltage and temperature, and charge balance between cells as well as determines state of charge, and age status. The neeoQube has no memory effect, thus has unrestricted partial cycling. It has been developed according to DIN EN 50272, DIN EN 62620, DIN EN 61427, DIN EN 61508, IEC 62620, and UN 38.3.