Stable deep cycles


With a 200 kW power rating and 400 kWh capacity the CellCube FB 200-400 provides large energy reserves for a lot of applications, for example to stabilize supply voltages, to buffer energy output, or wherever an uninterrupted power supply is of essential importance. Gildemeister states that the energy is stored in an electrolyte contained in two tanks separating the positive and negative electrolyte. During charge and discharge operations, electrolyte flows through electrochemical reactors. The energy conversion process in electrochemical reactors occurs via redox reactions. A micro porous or ion-exchange membrane physically separates the positive and negative electrolytes in the electrochemical reactors. The CellCube is thus said to offer almost unlimited cycles and is stable to deep discharge. The CellCube can be combined according to every demand as the company states. It is applicable for modular solutions in the kW-Class up to MW-Class and thus persuades with its high flexibility.