US: Three renewable energy projects approved in Arizona and Nevada


The 350MW Midland Solar Energy Project and the 70MW New York Canyon Geothermal Project are located in Nevada, and the 100MW Quartzsite Solar Energy Project is located in Arizona. These projects have been approved as part of President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy to continue domestic energy production expansion.

All three projects underwent extensive environmental assessment and public comment. The companies involved have also agreed to undertake mitigation efforts to minimize impacts to wildlife, water, historical, cultural and other resources.

"These projects reflect the Obama Administration’s commitment to expand responsible domestic energy production on our public lands and diversify our nation’s energy portfolio," Secretary Jewell said. She believes that the approvals will help bolster rural economies by generating good jobs and reliable power and advance our national energy security.

The 350MW Midland Solar Project is a PV facility. It has been proposed by Boulder Solar Power. The electricity produced can potentially power about 105,000 homes and generate a peak construction workforce of about 350 employees and up to 10 permanent jobs.

The Quartzsite Solar Project, in La Paz County, Arizona, was proposed by Quartzsite Solar Energy, a subsidiary of Solar Reserve. The 100MW project will use concentrating solar power tower technology to drive steam turbine generators with heliostats. This project is expected to generate 438 jobs during its peak construction period and 47 full-time operations and maintenance jobs. 30,000 homes will potentially be powered with the electricity generated.

The New York Canyon project is a geothermal development.