Conergy completes 4.5 MW solar park in France


The solar park, located in La Fare-les-Oliviers of Southern France, was constructed last month. Equipped by 18,000 Conergy "P Series" modules, the project will produce approximately 6,500 MWh of electricity annually, or enough to power approximately 1,800 households.

As the main contractor, Conergy has not only supplied modules, but also engaged in design and installation for the whole project. Moreover, the company will also continue to be involved in the maintenance and operational management of the solar park.

In addition to the solar park, Conergy also has supported Sunlap in the construction of two carport plants in La Fare-les-Oliviers, supplying “P-Series” modules and IPG15T inverters. The output of the project will reach 127 MWh a year.

Despite difficult market condition and often intense price competition, Conergy has continued to develop and supply projects in European markets such as Greece, Spain and Portugal. Conergy is also remaining active in Southeast Asian markets such as Thailand.

Commenting on its future development in France, Conergy’s Philippe Pflieger expressed a positive outlook. "With its decision to increase both, market volume and subsidies, the government has given a boost to the solar sector," said Pflieger, the Managing Director of Conergy in France. "Although the economic situation in this country remains tense, we believe that these steps will restore a good outlook for solar energy in our country."