US: SolarWorld extends financing program


Photovoltaic module manufacturer SolarWorld has extended its "Freedom Plan" financing program to six other U.S. states, namely Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey. The program was initially only available in California.

Residential solar customers in California have been enjoying the benefits of SolarWorld’s financing program "Freedom Plan" since February this year. The program is now available to Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey as well. The company is also planning on introducing the program in other states like Arizona and New York in the coming months.

Under the plan, which is dedicated exclusively to U.S.-made solar products, homeowners are able to replace a portion of their electricity bill with a low monthly solar power payment.

The Freedom Plan, according to SolarWorld, offers zero-down, low-down and prepaid options. These options give homeowners the freedom to choose how they finance their solar investment and minimize their upfront costs. The plan is offered in conjunction with SolarWorld’s complete solar-electric systems, which include photovoltaic equipment, installation, monitoring services, system insurance and maintenance for up to 20 years.

"From coast to coast, solar financing is changing the way American families consume energy, enabling many more to incorporate sustainability while saving money," said Rusty Pittman, head of marketing for SolarWorld Americas. "SolarWorld’s Freedom Plan not only makes the decision to go solar easier and more affordable but it also gives homeowners a way to support U.S. jobs and the national economy by selecting high-quality, American-made solar products."

Homeowners can find an authorized installer in their area at SolarWorld’s website. The Freedom Plan is available via the company’s network of authorized installers.