China responds with polysilicon duties


Hours after the U.S. Department of Commerce announced an impending decision on whether to expand anti dumping and countervailing dutiues on Chinese and Taiwanese solar products, Reuters is reporting China has imposed permanent duties on U.S. polysilicon.

In what appears a tit-for-tat response in the ongoing solar feud between the two power blocs, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce has imposed final duties on polysilicon imported from the U.S. and South Korea, according to Reuters.

The agency reports the provisional anti dumping duty on U.S.-made silicon, imposed in September, is unchanged at up to 57%, with REC Solar Grade Silicon and AE Polysilicon Corp among the manufacturers facing the highest tariff.

Reuters says the anti subsidy duty imposed on U.S. poly has been reduced from September’s 6.5% to 2.1% and the anti dumping duty levied on South Korean polysilicon is unchanged at 2.4-12.3%.

The measures will be applied immediately and will apply for five years.