BNEF promotes CSUN to Tier 1 supplier status


Chinese solar cell and module manufacturer CSUN has this week been recognized as a Tier 1 module supplier by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BENF) PV Module Maker Tiering System.

The BNEF tiering system is designed to rank module makers in terms of their bankability and ease with which they work with market developers, EPCs and investors in making the complex module manufacturing market easier to navigate.

To be defined as a Tier 1 company, a module maker must have provided products to at least three different projects that have been financed non-recourse by three different non-development banks in the past two years.

The criterion used by BNEF stipulates that modules must be used in non-recourse financial projects that have been approved by commercial banks, which tend to impose stricter standards on quality control.

"BNEF confirms that CSUN will be included as a Tier 1 supplier in its Q2 2014 PV Market Outlook available to suppliers," said BNEF solar insight manager, Jenny Chase.

"This is an important milestone on our strategy path to continuously expand CSUN’s global reach by supplying high quality products and being a safe choice for our partners and customers in a quickly changing industry," said CSUN’S CEO, Stephen Cai. "Having achieved Tier 1 module supplier status allows developers and EPC customers easier access to financing instruments, which is an important prerequisite to realizing utility-scale solar installations.

"The BNEF ranking system is a trusted evaluation tool, which carries a lot of weight with many of our customers."

CSUN has two module production centers – one in China and an additional facility in Turkey, which began operations late last year.