DNV GL launches GRIDSTOR project


Dutch-based energy advisory DNV GL announced last week details of its GRIDSTOR Joint Industry Project – an open-source, recommended practice framework designed to address the challenges facing grid-connected energy storage.

Mooted for launch in January 2015, GRIDSTOR will be overseen by 15 select partners drawn from the renewable and traditional energy sectors – including international suppliers, system integrators, end users and regulators – to deliver key input in developing recommended practice in energy storage systems.

Having conducted an energy storage survey at the beginning of 2014, GNV DL has identified a knowledge gap and absence of a unified set of best or recommended practice in the energy storage field. In focusing on system safety, operation and performance, the GRIDSTOR project is intended to drive the secure implementation of grid-connected energy storage systems and accelerate the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid.

"With the rise of renewable energy sources into the grid, the need for a comprehensive energy storage framework recommended practice is stronger than ever," said DNV GL global director for the energy storage segment, Ali Nourai. "The successful deployment of tomorrow’s smart electricity grids requires clarity and widespread agreement on rules and regulations for energy storage systems.

"From experience we understand that collaboration is key to achieving industry-wide improvements. Through GRIDSTOR we will combine our technical market expertise with interdisciplinary resources to achieve unified consensus and create market standardization, enabling all stakeholders to accelerate and expand their energy storage implementation."

The GRIDSTOR project will be peer reviewed, professionally formulated and published, and regularly updated, according to DNV GL. Companies that are interested in working on the project have been urged to contact DVL GL directly.