Yingli named a "best supplier" by Fuji Electric


The booming Japanese PV market has proven a boon for Chinese manufacturers, with many hundreds of MW of modules being sold into the market monthly. While some industry observers were initially skeptical as to whether Chinese producers would be able to penetrate the Japanese market, it appears that strong local partners are providing a profitable avenue-to-market.

This trend has been further demonstrated by an announcement from today Yingli that it has been recognized as one of Fuji Electric’s best suppliers for 2014. The award was handed down at Fuji Electric’s third annual supplier conference in Toyko on July 17.

"The Japanese solar energy market is now booming thanks to a national feed-in-tariff for renewable energy, and we at Fuji Electric appreciate Yingli Green Energy’s efforts to realize cost reductions in their high performance solar PV modules,” said an unnamed Fuji Electric spokesperson.

Liansheng Miao, Chairman and CEO of Yingli Green Energy. "At Yingli, we anticipate that our dedicated, local Japanese team will continue forming lasting relationships with the nation’s leading developers and EPC contractors, meeting growing demand for solar PV across both the residential and commercial market segments."

Fuji moves out of solar production

Earlier this year, Fuji Electric transferred its solar cell business to a Japanese firm FWAVE Company, which is wholly owned New Zealand roofing manufacturer ZinniaTek. In the deal FWAVE committed to continuing solar cell production at the former Fuji Electric Kumamoto fab. The deal was announced in February of this year.

Forbes reports that Fuji Electric’s PV cell business utilized dye-sensitized semiconductor technology, which seems to indicate that ZinniaTek is investigating BIPV applications for the Fuji technology. Fuji Electric began manufacturing a-Si solar products, deposited onto plastic films, in 2004. It’s initial production capacity was 3 MW.

Fuji Electric has a well established power electronics business and is active in its home market of Japan, China, Europe and North America.