500 kWP Photovoltaic project with Khatoon Industries


Lahore, Pakistan. Khatoon Industries and oursun Solar Power Ltd., a subsidiary joint venture company from The meeco Group and two Pakistani business professionals, concluded a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for a photovoltaic sun2roof installation of 500kwp that will produce annually up to 825.000 kwh of renewable, carbon free energy; 200 kWp will be installed during the first phase of the project in August and September 2014 followe d by additional 300kwp later this year in a second phase. Not only the rooftop of the production facility of Khatoon Industries but also a part of its factory site itself will be used to erect the installation and meet the capacity requirements.

Khatoon Industries, founded in 1980, is a substantial industrial partner in Pakistan, which produces soaps, shampoos and creams among other things. Khatoon Industries is also a toll manufacturer for multinational companies such as P&G and Reckitt Benckiser. The firm is highly dedicated to contributing to a greener environment in their daily working life. Indeed, Khatoon Industries not only reuses and recycles its own materials but also inserts natural base ingredients. Therefore, using green energy produced through a photovoltaic installation on its rooftop was a perfect opportunity for Khatoon to increase its development in a sustainable way as well as gain energetic autonomy.

This is the first project between the two companies but both parties are looking forward to further cooperation. Syed Saad Zafar, Director of oursun Solar Power Ltd., who has negotiated and concluded the agreement declares: „We are very happy to work hands in hands with such a responsible company towards a greener environment in Pakistan."