Recom's 'hybrid OEM model' spreads to Europe


While not a PV manufacturer in a true sense, Recom has established a strong brand presence in the global solar market in recent years. Its latest move is to begin manufacturing in Europe, with a facility in Italy set to begin turning out modules in September.

NPD Solarbuzz’s Finlay Colville said Recom’s “hybrid OEM model” is becoming interesting in the current environment of spreading solar trade disputes.

“The flexibility in supply from different parts of the globe cannot be underestimated,” said Colville,“ especially with the ongoing US trade case against cells from China and Taiwan.”

Colville reports that Recom has “access to module manufacturing,” from China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and, with the Italy deal, Europe.

“In addition to the Italy announcement, there are also plans for activity in the UK,” said Colville. The Solarbuzz analyst said that Recom is able to manage quality issues in its distributed production base by implementing standards regimes and protocols, “over and above those in place locally.”

To serve the U.S. market, Recom will likely access cells from Korea and assemble into modules in the Italian facility.

Inverter offering

In keeping with a wider trend of module suppliers moving into providing “integrated solutions,” Recom is also moving into inverter supply

“Recom has extended this business model now to inverters, showing a broader end-market approach than simply labeled modules,” said Colville.