SunPower introduces pilot solar lease program Down Under


California-based SunPower Corp. has rolled out a new pilot solar leasing program in Melbourne, Australia.

The SunPower Choice program is aimed at assisting residential customers finance SunPower solar systems for no money down. As part of the offer, SunPower will install its solar panels for qualified Melbourne homeowners at a predetermined and cost-competitive monthly rate for 25 years. SunPower also provides monitoring and any necessary maintenance at no additional cost for the length of the agreement.

The program locks in solar electricity rates for the life of the lease. In an effort to assure customers that their system will deliver the power and performance expected over the long-term, SunPower offers a money-back guarantee on the amount of solar energy the installation produces annually.

When the lease agreement expires, customers will have an opportunity to purchase the system or extend the lease contract. Customers can also choose to end the lease at any time and have the system removed for a fee.

Aside from the SunPower Choice pilot program in Melbourne, which is modeled after the company’s successful residential lease program in the United States, customers across Australia can purchase a residential SunPower solar system through both cash and loan programs, with the latter available to qualified homeowners.

SunPower has had a footprint in Australia since 2008, designing and installing systems for residential, commercial and utility customers nationwide. The company has an office in Melbourne and a presence in every mainland state.