Kyocera modules receive high ranking on GTM scorecard


GTM Research’s July 2014 PV Module Reliability Scorecard has reported that Kyocera is the only solar module manufacturer tested to rank as a performance leader in all six categories.

The testing, carried out independently by PV Evolution Labs, ranked 15 participating solar manufacturers into three categories covering Performance Leader, Middle Performers, and Low Performers. Only Kyocera achieved a top ranking in each of the six categories, GTM Research found.

"With the exception of Kyocera, no company consistently ranked within the Performance Leaders group for all test regimens,” the report noted. “Results showed that most producers that performed well in one test did not necessarily perform well in all tests."

Each manufacturer’s PV modules were put through six stages of independent testing by PV Evolution Labs. These test procedures comprised temperature cycling, dynamic mechanical load, humidity freeze, damp heat, and two – positive and negative – potential induced degradation tests (PID).

GTM Research added that the procedures carried out by PV Evolution Labs were more stringent and exceeded current industry testing standards used to simulate real-world climatic conditions.

"In independent testing and by solar modules performing uninterruptedly in the field for decades, Kyocera has proved that our modules are able to consistently produce clean, renewable energy even in the harshest conditions," said Kyocera solar Inc president, Steve Hill.

The solar arm of Kyocera Corporation has received a regular stream of plaudits in recent years, its modules achieving notable testing certifications along the way, including in March this year passing TÜV Rheinland’s rigorous Salt Mist Corrosion Test, Edition 2, Severity Level 6; the TÜV Rheinland Long-Term Sequential Test (the first in the world to do so in 2010), and labeled the best long-term performing modules by Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKA) in 2008.