GT bankruptcy leads Meyer Burger to lay off 105 employees


Swiss PV equipment maker Meyer Burger Technology has announced that it will reduce staffing at its production site in Colorado Springs, Colorado by 1/3, citing GT Advanced Technologies’ (GTAT) bankruptcy filing on October 6th.

Meyer Burger had increased personnel at its site in Colorado Springs over the last 12 months for a joint project with GTAT involving slicing sapphire materials with diamond wire saws and diamond wire materials.

“From the legal proceedings to date and customer discussions, Meyer Burger assumes that GTAT will be unable to continue the project as planned,” notes Meyer Burger in a brief press statement.

The layoffs will come “with immediate effect.” After the staff reduction, Meyer Burger will still have 200 workers at the site.

GTAT announced a settlement with Apple regarding a dispute over the delivery of sapphire materials on October 23rd. The company plans to reduce an undisclosed number of positions in the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and has already laid off 650 workers in connection with the closure of its plant in Arizona.

GTAT says that it will exit the sapphire production business, but will remain a sapphire equipment supplier.