Manz books $47.5 million in battery orders


While the PV equipment supply business remains somewhat suppressed, growth in the battery segment is filling the order books of leading suppliers. This is so of Manz, which today announced “multiple major orders” for battery equipment, totaling €40 million ($47.5 million).

“With the major orders that we have now obtained we are raising the Battery business segment to a new revenue range, thereby taking another important step towards diversifying our technology and customer portfolio,” said founder and CEO Dieter Manz. The CEO credits the “successful integration” of Arcotronics into the parent company as opening the battery equipment supply market to the firm. Manz completed the acquisition of Arcotronics in May 2014.

Manz can supply production equipment for wound coin cells and stacked pouch cells in lithium ion battery production, in what the firm describes as a “unique technology portfolio.” Manz claims its battery technology can produce lithium ion batteries that are both small and have a long life.

Manz reported its single largest battery order to date in June 2014.

While today’s announcement related to the supply of the consumer electronics industry, Manz indicated that the upside on the stationary battery and e-mobility markets are significant.

“The potential for us as a leading high-tech equipment manufacturer in the lithium-ion battery segment is huge,” said CEO Dieter Manz. “In addition to the existing extensive battery segment for consumer electronics, markets of the future, such as electromobility and stationary energy storage, will also drive the market dynamic further forward.”