Sharp supplies peak shaving batteries for Baker Electric facility


Californian real estate developer and subcontractor Baker Electric has installed Sharp’s SmartStorage energy solution at its headquarters in Escondido, Southern California, to help commercial building owners and operators in the region reduce their peak demand charges.

Combined with Baker’s existing 90 kW solar PV system, the 30 kW storage system from Sharp offers peak shaving capabilities that will help cap expensive utility demand charges often leveled on local commercial building customers that require power during peak times.

The lithium-ion battery-based SmartStorage system from Sharp is a demand management system that combines intelligent energy management software with state-of-the-art hardware, and works as either a standalone battery solution or – as in this case – alongside a solar installation to reduce peak electricity use.

The system utilizes predictive analytics to anticipate and control energy demand, releasing stored energy at times throughout the day that are best suited to the needs of Baker’s customers. The system is backed by a 10-year asset management service agreement, and thus adds economic viability to solar installations deployed alongside it.

"Our customers expect the highest performing products on the market," said Baker Electric CEO Ted Baker. "In identifying the best solution to help lower demand charges for our customers and our own facility, we chose Sharp’s SmartStorage system."

Carl Mansfield, Sharp Electronics’ general manager, remarked that Baker’s solar PV solution ideally complements the SmartStorage system, providing "a powerful duo for building owners wanting to lower peak demand usage without disrupting their day-to-day operations."

Amid fighting off claims that the company is poised to exit the solar industry, Sharp last month unveiled a series of battery solutions at the PV Expo in Japan that have been designed to push the boundaries of what is possible in the storage space.

Sharp’s new Cloud Battery Storage system is an especially noteworthy addition to the company’s portfolio, designed to be coupled with a Sharp hybrid inverter and lithium-ion battery sized at either 4.8 kWh or 9.6 kWh. Remotely managed, the cloud system can draw on weather data to optimize charging, and uses predictive analytics to anticipate extreme weather events, bringing greater control, monitoring and data feedback to system owners.