Solar Frontier to supply Konar Energy's 23 MW pipeline in Turkey


Solar Frontier Europe, a subsidiary of the Japanese CIS giant, and leading Turkish solar company Konar Energy have signed a 23 MW module supply agreement.

According to the deal, signed at the Solarex trade show in Istanbul earlier this month, Solar Frontier will supply its proprietary CIS modules, manufactured in Japan, to Konar for five solar power projects in Turkey.

Module shipments for two projects, a 5.9 MW installation in Konya and a 4.7 MW installation in Burdur, are set to begin shortly. The three remaining projects, all located in southern Turkey, are set to follow next year.

“Konar Energy is committed to bring high-quality, high-performance solar power plants on stream in Turkey,” said company CEO Tolga Özdemir. "We are confident that we will be able to do so with Solar Frontier by our side."

Özdemir said the company decided on Solar Frontier CIS modules for a number of reasons, including their ability to yield more electricity than crystalline silicon modules, “especially in challenging conditions such as the high temperatures of Turkey,” the company’s high-quality manufacturing process and its reputation for continuous support.

Solar Frontier says its CIS modules generate more electricity (kilowatt-hours per kilowatt-peak) compared to crystalline silicon modules in real-world environments due to a number of “technological performance benefits,” such as their low temperature coefficient — a smaller loss in conversion efficiency as temperature increases – which is particularly advantageous in Turkey’s high-temperature climate.

“Solar energy is naturally suited to Turkey; it is one of the countries that receives the most hours of sunlight and is backed by a growing economy,” noted Solar Frontier Europe managing director Wolfgang Lange.