Hanergy delays release of info, SGM date


Hanergy is continuing to raise more questions than it answers, with news today that it has delayed the announcement of key information regarding its supply contracts. Citing the need for “additional time”, Hanergy says that the information will be released on or before July 2015.

The aspirant thin film developer and producer had committed to releasing the information in the form of a “Circular” by June 1, in statements made in February, March and April of this year.

The Circular was to include more details about its Master Supply Agreement and related transactions, letters of recommendation and advice from the Indepdent Board Committee and its advisor, and notice of an extraordinary or special general meeting (SGM).

Trading in Hanergy TF’s stock remains frozen after its precipitous decline in value earlier in March while an investigation into the company and the trading of its stock is carried out by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.