Andalay Solar introduces SolarEdge-compatible modules


Developer and manufacturer of integrated solar power systems Andalay Solar has announced that it has designed a module frame that is compatible with SolarEdge’s power optimizers.

SolarEdge’s module-level optimizer can be snapped on to new Andalay module frames using the newly developed bracket, and precludes a secondary collaboration between the two companies called DC Instant Connect, which is a solution that will embed SolarEdge’s power optimizer cables into the frame of the Andalay module, thus delivering quicker cable connection.

This instant connect approach also reduces wire management issues, which can prove costly, and speeds up installation time to further lower costs. "When the Andalay system is combined with the SolarEdge power optimizer in a plug and play manner, we can see great benefits for labor savings and more reliable, repeatable installations," said SolarEdge North America general manager Peter Matthews.

Steven Chan, Andalay Solar CEO, remarked that the market has begun demanding more easily integrated solar products and quicker and cheaper installation times. "We are seeing high demand for this integrated product, which complements our AC Instant Connect product. Combining the Andalay and SolarEdge technologies will increase performance, mitigate power loss and make our systems even more reliable and easy to install."

Price pressures have begun moving along the solar supply chain, and are now firmly at the door of module-level power electronics (MLPE) such as power optimizers, inverters and microinverters, as well as additional balance of system (BOS) components. IHS expects the BOS market to be worth $21 billion in 2019, growing 5% annually as inverter prices fall by around 8% a year between now and 2019.