SolarWorld breaks own PERC record


German wafer, cell and module maker SolarWorld has announced it will bring its latest world-record breaking PERC cell to market in the fall.

The Munich-headquartered Fraunhofer Institute confirmed this morning (Friday) SolarWorld’s high-efficiency passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC) technology has broken its own mass-produced PERC record by achieving 21.7% efficiency.

The Bonn-based manufacturer, rescued last year by its flamboyant CEO Frank Asbeck, claims to have the world’s largest PERC cell manufacturing capacity, at 800 MW, acrossproduction facilities in Freiberg and Arnstadt, in its homeland, and Hillsboro, in the U.S.

The company says that high-efficiency manufacturing capacity will be expanded and, according to a report carried by the Nasdaq Globenewswire website this morning, SolarWorld will begin offering a module with a 300 W-plus capacity in the coming months.

Asbeck, according to the report, said: "Our researchers and developers already have an eye on the next efficiency improvements."