Official NYSE-delisting notice for Yingli


The official notice came on August 13, 2015, according to the Baoding-based PV manufacturer. Yingli’s shares have had an average closing price of less than $1/ADS (American Depositary Shares) and thus have not been complying with NYSE’s (New York Stock Exchange) minimum $1 per share regulation. Yingli’s shares have been consistently below that threshold for the last weeks.

The company has a six-month "Cure Period" that now follows the receipt of the notice to reach the $1 threshold again. Yingli has to notify the NYSE on its intent to cure its ADS price deficiency within the stipulated time period. So far, Yingli has not released any strategy on how the troubled company will regain ground. Yingli Green is not alone in its stock price woes. The prices of solar stocks have generally been tumbling in the last weeks.

Yingli has also been making headlines with its debt issues and more recently, a lawsuit. Late July, the company was accused of misleading potential investors

and a lawsuit was filed by the claimants.