Germany sees 132 MW solar installed in July


At just under 84.6 MW, a higher number of PV systems were recorded under the EEG in Germany’s first system register in July, compared to previous months, due to the solar subsidy phase out. A significant increase in ground-mounted solar PV systems under the EEG is also expected in August.

Combining the 84.6 MW with a further 47.4 MW, which were added in the second register, which lists smaller PV systems, 132 MW of solar were put into operation in July.

However, a total of 159.78 MW were entered into July’s bill from the Federal Network Agency, due to the fact that PV systems, which have been put into operation previously, but were only registered by the agency in July, are also included.

As of today, September 1, solar subsidies have decreased a further 0.25%. The agency determines the level of degression quarterly. As such, solar energy generated from small PV rooftop systems up to 10 kW will receive €0.1231/kWh, while rooftop systems between 10 and 40 kW will receive €0.1197/kWh and those up to 500 kW, €0.1071/kWh.

Larger rooftop systems and ground-mounted plants must sell their energy on the spot market. A premium of around €0.04/kWh is paid for management effort. PV systems on non-residential properties will receive €0.0853/kWh.

Translated and edited by Becky Beetz