Fronius launches Connecting Energy scheme


Fronius, the Austrian-headquartered producer of inverter solutions, has launched this week a new scheme called Connecting Energy that the company has labeled as an umbrella term for the interaction necessary for intelligent energy consumers to make the most of their solar inverters.

As part of the company’s new focus to increase the use of self-consumption among its consumers, Fronius has partnered with specialists in the home automation and heat pump sectors to enable its own inverter customers to take control of their energy usage.

Connecting Energy has brought together Loxone, which produces miniservers that can automate the home, and Ochsner, which produces heat pumps, to cooperate with Fronius’ own open-interface inverters, including the Modbus RTU SunSpec, the Modbus TCP SunSpec, the Fronius Solar API, and the Fronius Push Service to deliver added value for system owners intent of maximizing their solar array’s output.

"The combination of miniserver and a photovoltaic system with a Fronius inverter provides a convenient way of managing your energy to increase levels of self-consumption," said Fronius International product manager Bernd Lukits. "This creates greater autonomy in the supply of energy. It is easy to connect the Fronius inverter to the Loxone miniserver and it can be used in a whole range of applications.

"With cooperation partners such as Loxone home automation or Ochsner heat pumps, we try to make life as easy as possible for homeowners. The main benefits are a reduction in energy costs, an increase in self-consumption, maximum energy efficiency and easy installation."