NEXTracker leverages Flex's Brazilian production to meet local content


The resurgence of tracking technology deployment has lead to many suppliers tapping global material supply chains and OEM manufacturing. NEXTracker, which was acquired by OEM giant Flextronics in September, will utilize Flex’s Brazilian production facilities to produce its single axis trackers and electronics hardware.

Flex operates a manufacturing facility in São Paulo State with over 9,000 employees.

The move is hardly surprising, as NEXTracker has been working with Flex to produce its Self-Powered Tracking (SPT) controllers since March. NEXTracker’s Shugar told pv magazine that the company intends to leverage Flex’s global production footprint in over 30 countries, where approriate. However today’s announcement will allow NEXTracker to produce Brazilian Development Bank compliant trackers.

“NEXTracker’s experience and innovative products, coupled with Flex’s manufacturing expertise, operational discipline and financial strength is exactly what is needed to help Brazil achieve its solar energy goals,” said Nelson Falcão, NEXTracker Country Manager.

NEXTracker CEO Shugar said that the company will produce and install “hundreds of MWs of solar trackers locally [in Brazil].” In November NEXTracker announced that it was shipping 100 MW of tracking technology weekly.

The company is not the first to begin production in Latin America. France’s Optimum Tracker and Exosun both produce tracking components in Mexico. Exosun in particular relies heavily on OEM production, with the company employing a fabless production strategy. Exosun opened a Brazilian subsidiary last month.

The forthcoming December edition of pv magazine includes the first of two articles on tracker suppliers’ global supply chains and production strategies.