SolarWorld passes 1 GW annual shipments, welcomes EC expiry review


SolarWorld has made a number of enemies among the global solar industry in its pursuit of duties and other trade measures against Chinese and Taiwanese solar cell and module makers. It also appears to have benefited in U.S. and EU markets, surpassing its 1 GW module and ‘PV kit ‘ shipment goal for 2015.

In a strong result, SolarWorld reports that it will exceed its shipment forecast for 2015 by at least 25%.

SolarWorld has also welcomed the European Commission’s (EC) decision, announced last weekend, to carry out a review of antisubsidy-antidumping measures against Chinese and Taiwanese solar cell and module producers. The so-called expiry review will likely see duties and the EU minimum import price structure remain in place throughout much of 2015.

"Dumping must be stopped, otherwise product diversity, technological development and competition will always suffer,” said SolarWorld CEO Frank Asbeck. “It is therefore important that the European Union, like the United States before, also continued to apply anti-dumping measures."

Asbeck added that SolarWorld has continued to invest in its U.S. and German production facilities in pursuit of its high-efficiency and sustainability goals. SolarWorld attributes its strong performance in U.S. and EU markets to its position in those markets as a high quality component supplier.

In the first nine months of 2015, SolarWorld’s U.S. shipments grew by an impressive 61% Y/Y. While over the period the company recorded a profit of €15 million (US$16.5 million), in anticipates recording loss in 2015 due to “delays in the implementation of operating measures.”