CG joins CEA to explore solar market potential in India


Indian conglomerate Avantha Group Company CG and French research institute LITEN have signed a one-year cooperation agreement to jointy investigate market potential and opportunities for solar PV system with storage for Indian airports.

While the agreement, recently announced at the India-France Business Summit in Chandigarh, does not involve capital investment in the first phase of collaboration, the companies intend to set up manufacturing facilities if the investigation proves fruitful.

The fabs would use using CG’s infrastructure in India and LITEN’s technology know-how. LITEN is part of CEA Tech, the research and development unit of CEA, France’s government-funded technological research organization. LITEN is playing a key role in spearheading the European Union’s efforts to limit dependency on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is involved in setting up collaborative projects with partners around the world. It brings CEA’s significant expertise in PV and battery storage technologies to the collaboration, while CG is an established player in AC substations in solar plants with significant market reach with large customers.

Commenting on this important development, Avantha Group Company CG’s CEO and Managing Director Laurent Demortier said, “The CEA technology is the most advanced in the renewable sector; combined with the CG capacity to fully industrialize and localize this technology in India, I do believe that we will both build competitive solutions meeting the needs of our customers in India.

Demortier added that the agreement was in line with the synergies that India and France are exploring and combined CG’s infrastructure with CEA’s know-how in the field. “This collaboration will help to leverage the huge potential for solar power generation in the country and we look forward to the opportunities this puts forward.”

The Indian government has set a target of 100 GW of power generation through solar PV systems by 2022; current installed solar generation capacity is less than 6 GW. The expected new PV solar systems market is nearly 13 GW per year.

“Airports with large stretches of free land offer good opportunity for solar generation,” CG said, pointing out that there is an estimated potential of more than 500 MW of solar PV generation plants for airports alone. “This makes the collaboration a significant step towards realizing the Indian government’s renewable energy goals.”