European Commission recognizes WINAICO as genuine solar producer


WINAICO, Taiwan’s largest PV module brand, said on Friday that it had cooperated fully with the European Commission in its investigation of possible circumvention of anti-dumping duties on imports of solar products originating from China.

As a result, WINAICO said it had been recognized as a genuine solar module producer and will be exempt from European Commission’s punitive measures against circumventing companies, including anti-dumping and countervailing duties of 53.4% and 11.5%, respectively.

Earlier this month, the European Commission imposed import tariffs on Chinese producers which sell below minimum import prices and export via Malaysia and Taiwan. Five Malaysian and 21 Taiwanese producers have been expressly exempted from the duties.

The European Commission had found strong evidence, by way of significant changes in the pattern of trade involving exports from China, Malaysia and Taiwan to Europe since 2013, of possible circumvention activities of solar products originating from China. After thorough investigation, the European Commission found that modules imported into Europe from non-cooperating and circumventing companies in Taiwan account for 7% of European solar module consumption, according to WINAICO.

Sascha Rossmann, VP of Global Sales for WINAICO, said the company began selling high quality solar modules in Europe in 2008 “and continues to differentiate itself with integrity and ethical business strategies. We cooperated fully with the European Commission’s investigation and have proven our innocence in the ongoing dispute on solar module imports to the European markets.”